Public Holidays 2022

Saturday1ST January, 2022New Year's Day
Wednesday26TH January, 2022NRM Liberation Day
Wednesday16TH February, 2022Archbishop Janani Luwum Day
Tuesday8TH March, 2022International Women's Day
Friday8TH April, 2022Good Friday
Sunday10TH April, 2022Easter Sunday
Monday11TH April, 2022Easter Monday
Sunday1ST May, 2022Labour Day
Monday2ND May, 2022Eid-IL-Fitr
Friday3RD June, 2022Uganda Martyrs' Day
Thursday9TH June, 2022National Heroes' Day
Monday18TH July, 2022Eid-al-Adha
Sunday9TH October, 2022Independence Day
Saturday25TH December, 2022Christmas Day
Sunday26TH December, 2022Boxing Day

Upcoming Days To Remember (At School)

10TH January, 2022School re-opens
21ST - 25TH February, 2022Parents/Teacher's Conference
25TH March, 2022Visiting Baby's Home (Orphanage)
10TH April, 2022Easter Celebrations at school (Egg hunting and lots of fun)
14TH - 15TH April, 2022Sports Day (4 years to 5+ years old) school opens 8am - 1pm
20TH - 24TH June, 2022Swimming Gala
8TH - 12TH August, 2022Club presentations
7TH October, 2022Independence Day and UN Day Celebrations at Kissyfur Grounds
24TH - 28TH October, 2022Parents/Teacher's Conference (4 years to 4+ years old)
8TH - 9TH November, 2022End of Year Play and Christmas Party
16TH December, 2022Pupils breaking off (all children attending 8am - 1pm)