About us

Our Story

Kissyfur has been consistently providing top-quality care and pre-school education for children, 18 months to six years of age, since 1993. With branches in Kampala (Bugolobi) and Entebbe, our experienced and well-trained teachers care for your children in a loving, welcoming, and homely environment.

The daily school program provides a wide range of social, academic, and other creative activities, including art and music. Each of these activities contribute to a robust and dynamic academic program that prepares children for a smooth transition into primary school, both national and international. This robust foundation allows Kissyfur graduates to stand out as self-confident, capable, and independent learners as they transition to other schools.

At Kissyfur, we acknowledge that every child is special with unique personalities and needs. We strive to ensure that each child is catered to in the best way possible to foster their learning. Therefore, we strongly emphasize communication as a vital part of our relationship with parents. We encourage parents to share as much information about their child(ren) as they can. This enables our staff to plan each day to meet the needs of each child.


Our philosophy

The Kissyfur programme is based on the “PLAY-WAY” method of education. This pedagogical approach is rooted in the idea that well-planned play is a key method through which children can be challenged to learn as well as to foster enjoyment in learning. Both internationally and nationally (e.g. Ugandan National Curriculum Development Association), play is cited as “one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills.”1 Therefore, it continues to be foundational to our child-centered approach.

At Kissyfur, we provide a stimulating environment that is designed to ignite and develop all aspects of our children’s learning potential, both academic and socio-emotional. Our children engage with pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-maths concepts through simple and playful activities. Similarly, play informs critical socio-emotional skills such as the development of positive sense of self, independence, and embracing differences in others to name a few. Furthermore, we encourage our children to participate in an exciting range of school activities without forcing their participation. And while we do encourage play, the children are instructed to conduct themselves with a respect for classroom rules and routines as well as for others.

Our disciplinary policy is based on ‘time-out’ alone. There’s no other form of disciplinary action used at the school. We treat all the children with respect.

Director's message

Our vision is to offer a holistic, high-quality education for students from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, religions and abilities. We are known throughout the region as an inclusive, academically high-performing school, in which no child is left behind.

We recognize that each child is an individual and that each child should be given the opportunity to succeed. Our dedicated teaching staff is passionate about education and about guiding young minds. However, we know that we cannot achieve this alone. Parents and guardians are critical actors in the success of their children. Therefore, we encourage you to be our partners. Please come for a visit, come and talk to us. See what it’s like to become a part of our community and share in the joyful experience of learning.

  • Bachelor’s Degree at Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • Professional title of Bachelor of Science in Special Pedagogy,
  • Graduate special Pedagogue
  • Over twenty years of experience in Europe and Africa

Janet Kobusingye

  • Diploma in Early Learning
  • L2L Education Services Ltd
  • Diploma in Music Dance and Drama Makerere University

Mbabazi Sylvia

Diploma in Early childhood Development obtained at YWCA.

Why choose us?

Excellent Services

We emphasize partnership and communication with each family in order to cater to the unique needs of each child.

Best Environment

Fun & meaningful learning takes place in a safe and engaging environment that is perfect for your child.


Skilled Staff

Our staff is passionate about working with children and committed to creative teaching methods.

Fun & Friendly

Our approachable, friendly, and fun staff strive to cater to the needs of every child with compassion.


8:00 AM - 5:30 PM1,070,000
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM970,000
Fee for one full day (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)70,000
Fee for half a day (8:00 AM - 1:00 PM)65,000
Registration fee (non refundable)500,000

Public Holidays 2024

Sunday 1st January, 2024New Year's Day
Friday 26th January, 2024NRM Liberation Day
Friday 16th February, 2024Archbishop Janani Luwum Day
Friday8th March, 2024International Women's Day
Friday29th March, 2024Good Friday
Sunday31st March, 2024Easter Sunday
Monday1st April, 2024Easter Monday
Wednesday10th April, 2024Eid-Il-Fitr
Wednesday 1st May, 2024Labor Day
Monday 3rd June, 2024Uganda Martyrs' Day
Sunday 9th June, 2024National Heroes' Day
Sunday 28th June, 2024Eid-al-Adha
Wednesday 9th October, 2024Independence Day
Wednesday 25th December, 2024Christmas Day
Thursday 26th December, 2024Boxing Day

Upcoming Days To Remember (At School)

9th January, 2024 School Re-opens
19th - 25th February, 2024 Parents/Teacher’s Conference
5th March, 2024Visiting baby’sHome(Orphanage)
28th March, 2024Easter celebrations at schoo (egg hunting and lots of fun)
29th - 30th April, 2024Sports Day, School opens 8am - 1pm
24th - 28th June, 2024Swimming Gala
12th - 16th August, 2024Club presentations
7th - 8th October, 2024Independence Day and UN Day celebrations
5th - 6th December, 2024End of Year Play
13th December, 2024Pupils breaking off (all children attending 8am - 1pm)

Following 25 years of excellence years in pre-primary education, we opened the doors to our primary school, Pearl of Africa International Primary School Entebbe