Spacious and Colourful Classrooms

Our Kindergarten and Day Care classrooms are small (12-16 children). This ensures that your child’s interests and needs are met, while also reducing class sizes. Each classroom is led by a professional teacher and an assistant teacher, who offer ongoing support that supports children’s individual development. Our cozy classrooms will stimulate creativity, but ensure your child stays focused so that they can learn at their own pace.


Outdoor Play Area

Learning occurs both indoors and out. Outdoor learning environments offer preschoolers opportunities to explore and learn. At Kissyfur, we offer a spacious specialized playground equipment, components and freestanding pieces for children. They feature a variety of activities that engage the imagination, promote child-directed play, and are built to last

  • Slides
  • Steps
  • Ladders
  • Swimming pool
  • Sandpit

Swimming Pool

The round, cornerless shape and slip-resistant stairs for getting in and out make this pool easy to use for the children. Just like the spacious, open school building, this is a fun place for our children to play in the water. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise and often becomes a lifetime sport!



Kissyfur International Kindergarten provides 3 meals a day for the children. The food is prepared from high-quality ingredients and according to the highest standards of hygiene. Good eating habits, cleanliness, and personal hygiene are taught as an integral part of the school program.


Reading Corner

Our library center is a clearly defined space that young children can use independently to browse books. The classroom library plays an important role in creating a high-quality early childhood learning experience that enriches language and vocabulary development. The library is a friendly, creative environment where young children can go to look at, or read books.


The school provides beds for children who need to rest in the afternoons. Rest time gives children a chance to physically rest and emotionally unwind, and it also helps children to stay healthy and alert during the afternoon sessions.


Custom Toilets

Each class at Kissyfur has four bathrooms and each bathroom has four toilets. The children are able to get to toilet facilities quickly. Staff also has easy access to hand washing facilities to wash their hands at the times when it is appropriate and still maintain supervision of the children. The toilets are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Following 25 years of excellence years in pre-primary education, we opened the doors to our primary school, Pearl of Africa International Primary School Entebbe