Areas of Learning


7:45 - 9:00 am (Arrival Time)

  • We create a conducive and stimulating environment for children to learn. 
  • Teachers give a warm welcome to the children on arrival addressing them by name, greeting and encouraging them to say bye-bye to their parents
  • Children are supported to keep their bags on shelves, choose play areas of their interest so as to develop a sense of responsibility
  • Packing up play materials independently under the teachers’ supervision.

9.00 AM

  • Sessions begin with ”carpet time” where different ideas are shared encouraging unity, respect for one another, turn taking, team work & more

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

  • Breakfast time

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

  • Free play outside or inside under teachers supervision

11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

  • Carrying on with more developmental activities
  • Projects, Library, Music, Swimming, Physical Education are part of the program

12:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Pick up time for morning session and free play under teachers’ supervision.
  • Lunchtime

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

  • Preparation for a nap

1:45 PM - 3:30 PM

  • Nap time (optional)

3:30 PM

  • Dressing up

4:00 PM

  • Snack time

4:30 PM

  • Free play under teachers’ supervision (individually and in small groups inside or outside)

Pick up time is anytime after the snack

6:00 PM

  • The school closes


Creative Development

This area supports a child to explore, share thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of art, design and technology, music movement, dance, imagination and role play – play activities

Creative Work - kissfur international kindergarten
Knowledge and Understanding - kissfur international kindergarten

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This  area give opportunities that support your child to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question, to explore and find out about the environment.

Communication, Language and Literacy

A child is encouraged to talk confidently, respond to adults and other children in an environment where speaking and listening are highly valued skills through exploration and use of words and text in a broad range of contexts

Language and Literacy - kissyfur international kindergarten
Social, Personal and Emotional Development - kissyfur international kindergarten

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area of learning supports the development of social skills, confidence, independence, a sense of responsibility plus a positive attitude towards learning. 

Physical Development

Encourages a child to develop and practice control over large and small movements such as tearing paper, coloring, fixing puzzles, construction, running, jumping, swimming and so on.

outdoor play - kissyfur international kindergarten
math - kissyfur international kindergarten

Mathematical Development

Through a number of developmental activities, a child will be guided to sort objects according to shape, color and size, counting numbers forward and backward, identification of numbers and associating numbers to quantity. 


Weekly Themes

14th - 18thJanuaryWelcome back to school
21st - 25thJanuaryMy world of colors and shapes
28th - 1stJanuary/FebruaryPuppets week
4th - 8thFebruaryTravelling/places of interest
11th - 15thFebruaryMyself: parts of the body
18th - 22ndFebruaryI can take care of myself (Hygiene)
25th - 1stFebruary/MarchFeelings(Grace & Courtesy)
4th - 8thMarchMy Family (my mother, grandmother, sister-women's week)
11th - 15thMarchSenses
18th - 22ndMarchMy Home
25th - 29thMarchWhat I would like to be when I grow up (Tools)
1st - 5thAprilDressing up
8th - 12thAprilWeather
15th - 19thAprilDifferent celebrations
22nd - 26thAprilLocation/opposites
29th - 3rdApril/MaySports week
6th - 10thMayWorld of Art
13th - 17thMayFun week
20th - 24thMayMath Everywhere
27th - 31stMayTown/Countryside
3rd - 7thJuneBuildings/Houses
10th - 14thJuneTransport (Road, Air, water, rail)
17th - 21stJuneRoad signs
24th - 28thJuneAnimal Kingdom: Domestic/young ones & habitats/Pets
1st - 5thJulyWild
8th - 12thJulyUnderground
15th - 19thJulyInsects
22nd - 26thJulyLife in water
29th -2ndJuly/AugustWater and its uses (Sources)
5th - 9thAugustBirds
12th - 16thAugustWhat do we hear around us?
19th - 23rdAugustClub presentation week
26th - 30thAugustRevision and
2nd - 6thSeptemberNature studies (living/non-living things - Nature tables)
9th - 13thSeptemberDiscovery week
16th - 20thSeptemberFinding out (Experiments)
23rd - 27thSeptemberHow plants grow
30th - 4thSeptember/OctoberMy World, My country
7th - 11thOctoberMy culture (wear, greetings, food...)
14th - 18thOctoberFruits
21st - 25thOctoberVegetables
28th - 1stOctober/NovemberMeals and Nutritional value (Display by parents)
4th - 8thNovemberDangers in my environment
11th - 15thNovemberCommunication (post office)
18th - 22ndNovemberMusical Instruments
25th - 29thNovemberCelebrations
2nd - 6thDecemberRevision and fun week
9th - 13thDecemberRevision and fun week