School Profile

We treasure our culture

At Kissyfur, we acknowledge that every child is special with unique personalities and needs. We strive to ensure that each child is catered to in the best way possible to foster their learning. Therefore, we strongly emphasize communication as a vital part of our relationship with parents. We encourage parents to share as much information about their child(ren) as they can. This enables our staff to plan each day to meet the needs of each child.


We are committed to providing a programme that meets the highest-quality professional standards and fosters a safe, healthy, and loving environment for our children. Our mission is undergirded by the following objectives:

1. Developing programming based on accepted theories of child development.

2. Creating programming that is individualized to meet the need of every child.

3. Fostering respect for all cultures and family participation in our programmes.

4. Maintaining a physical environment that is safe, clean, and healthy, with a variety of toys and materials that are both familiar and stimulating.

5. Allowing children to be free to direct their own active learning by selecting activities and materials that interest them.

6. Showing the children with respect in the way that we interact with them.

7. Ensuring professional and courteous staff conduct through specialized training in child development and relevant programming.


Role play facilitates learning

The Kissyfur programme is based on the “PLAY-WAY” method of education. This pedagogical approach is rooted in the idea that well-planned play is a key method through which children can be challenged to learn as well as to foster enjoyment in learning. Both internationally and nationally (e.g. Ugandan National Curriculum Development Association), play is cited as “one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills.”1 Therefore, it continues to be foundational to our child-centered approach.

At Kissyfur, we provide a stimulating environment that is designed to ignite and develop all aspects of our children’s learning potential, both academic and socio-emotional. Our children engage with pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-maths concepts through simple and playful activities. Similarly, play informs critical socio-emotional skills such as the development of positive sense of self, independence, and embracing differences in others to name a few. Furthermore, we encourage our children to participate in an exciting range of school activities without forcing their participation. And while we do encourage play, the children are instructed to conduct themselves with a respect for classroom rules and routines as well as for others.

Our disciplinary policy is based on ‘time-out’ alone. There’s no other form of disciplinary action used at the school. We treat all the children with respect.


Unicef, (2018). Learning through play: Strengthening learning through play in early childhood education programmes. New York, NY: UNICEF Education Section, Programme Division.