School Profile

We treasure our culture

At Kissyfur we recognize that children are very special people with unique personalities and individual needs. Communication is a vital part of our relationship with parents. We ask parents to share information about their child/children to allow teachers in planning each day to meet the needs of each family.


We are committed to providing a high quality programme that matches the professional standards and appropriate for children in a safe, healthy and loving environment.

  1. The program is based on accepted theories of child development.
  2. The program is individualized to meet the need of every child
  3. Each family’s culture is respected and family members are encouraged to participate in the program
  4. The physical environment is safe, healthy and contains a variety of toys and materials that are both stimulating and familiar.
  5. Children select activities and materials that interest them and they learn by being actively involved.
  6. Adults show respect for children and interact with them in caring ways.
  7. Staff have specialized training in child development and appropriate programming.



Role play facilitates learning

The Kissyfur programme is based on the “PLAY-WAY” method of pre-school education that is advocated for by the International and Ugandan National Curriculum Development Association. Children are encouraged to develop all aspects of their learning potential in a stimulating environment. Learners are not forced to participate or contribute. Any form of punishment are never used at Kissyfur. Our disciplinary policy is based on ‘time-out’. Children are encouraged to participate in the school activities and to develop a natural love for learning. Pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths activities are introduced as fun activities, designed to stimulate the children’s interest in learning.

Music and Dance is part of our curriculum